A pic of me, Max GJ Panas

About Me

Hey, my name is Max Panas. I'm 35 years old and I just moved to London from sunny Athens, Greece. I work here as a software engineer at Camelot Global, working to deliver one of their mobile apps.

I have been professionally writing code for web and mobile for the past over ten years. Within the workplace I find great enjoyment in sharing whatever I have learnt, mentoring and getting people to work together. This blog is where I hope to write down some of the moments and thoughts that I find most interesting or useful during my life in software development.

If you want to say hi, feel free to drop me a line or hit me up on Twitter where I tweet as @mgjp_. I look forward to hearing from you!

Open Source

I can easily say that the open culture of software development and the community surrounding it were some of the main reasons I ever got to where I am today and one of the main things that make me really happy and proud to be in software development. The following are a few open source projects that I've had the chance to create myself:

  • The Mozaik WP Theme Starter

    This is the project I am most proud of. Built for what the rest of the development team and I dreamed our development environment should be able to support and do. This theme starter became the starting point for almost every project within the company and since its release has seen adoption across the globe.

  • Media Vault

    This is the project I am most ashamed of. Not because of code quality or bad reception, but because I stopped supporting it. This WordPress plugin to allow users to block access to any file they wanted within their uploads folder was the first piece of open source I ever released. I am proud of what it does, but have found it incredibly difficult to find the time to go back and support it.
  • eqheights

    Using ES6, native DOM operations and no runtime dependencies to make all elements in a selection the same height was fun when implementing this tiny helper.
  • solve-conversion-path

    This one is another fun one. I wrote it to solve a problem I was having with a color manipulation library I was writing at the time. The problem was: Given a set of converters, as a human, I can easily pick out the conversions I would need to run in order to go from one color format to the next. Why shouldn't my library be able to do that too?
  • and others…


Speaking has been something I've wanted to do for a long time, but only recently built up the courage to do. I've given my first couple of talks now and I am already planning to do more in the future. No looking back!

  • GreeceJS 2016
    • GraphQL vs Rest
    • Why You Need to Understand JavaScript Modules